Do you ever find yourself looking at life more introspectively, more thoughtfully?  That’s where I find myself this Christmas. The imminent end of another year reminds me again of the year’s events; the joys of life, the immensely difficult times, the passage of friends and family, and new life brought to some in the way of newborns or recovered health.  Our business brings us into very close contact with our Clients circumstances, family troubles, successes, growth, injustices and more. I’ve learned and continue to learn to empathize and have found that empathy comes more quickly with the years as I experience more of life, both the good and the bad.

I was recently reading some of the writings of the great philosopher Facebook, and one particular post rang well and deep with me.  Be kind. In the day to day we cross paths with so many people that are likely facing ‘something’; a job loss, a misunderstanding with a colleague, a sick child, financial distress, relationship battles or break up, a broken car that overwhelms or a health matter that just can’t be beat.  And the very least we can offer to each other on our journey through life….is kindness.

The Christmas Season of course, is about the kindest gift of all as we remember and celebrate the birth of the Saviour, Jesus.  Certainly Christmas has also become about gifts, celebration with family and friends, festivals, concerts, food (sign me up!), lights and music………but perhaps take a moment and consider the two thousand year old root of Christmas.  And as you enjoy Christmas, but are maybe feeling the pressure of the season, a long checkout line, ‘your’ parking spot taken, the perfect gift that sold out….remember kindness; first given to you, easily shared with others.

This Christmas we remember again the kindness of our Clients, past, present and future: Clients that have trusted us with life’s circumstances, Clients that trust us with big things, and small things.  You are the lifeblood of our business and we’re thankful for the opportunities you give us to serve. So this Christmas, from our homes to yours, we wish you the very best Christmas, amid life’s challenges or joys, and a healthy, prosperous and introspective New Year!

-Art & Nathan