The Sign Said “Eight Items or Less”….

…so I changed my name to Les and got into line.

Change is so everywhere and everything these days.  But you know what doesn’t change?  Pumpkins.  Pumpkins don’t change.  At Thanksgiving, I virtually inhaled a pumpkin pie, conservatively (I was going to say liberally….but that would never do…) covered in whipped cream.  Why virtually inhale a pumpkin pie?  Because pumpkin pie doesn’t change.  I have it once a year, baked at the loving hand of my dear spousal associate Barb, and the taste is awesome….unchanged from previous years, an annual constant in my life.

Change in the real estate market however, is a daily, sometimes moment by moment thing.  Our last newsletter spoke to the changing market, and the last several month’s stats have proven out significant change with rising inventory and lessening (catch the tie-in to the title?  This is awesome stuff…:c) sales, even stagnating sales in some market segments.  The fundamental market remains stable however; we just have to keep working hard with our Clients to find the right price point to list at, or buy into, always with our Client’s needs our top priority.

Like pumpkins, another thing that doesn’t change is us.  Our effort for our Clients, our ethics in caring for our Clients and those you refer us to, our professionalism in carrying out our business. We value our clients, knowing we cannot do what we do without your trust, and your interests are our top priority!