The Year was 1990….

I had just become a licensed Realtor. In 1990, communication was limited to land-lines, fax machines, a walk down the block to the Notary’s office, or a yell down the hall to the next Realtor’s office to see what hot leads they might have.  Cell phones were a BIG deal then, both literally, figuratively & certainly economically, costing thousands of dollars for a unit that could do duty as a door stop, a structural support or a defensive weapon.  The MLS was only in the hands of Realtors, fresh tear-off sheets were couriered daily and then came The Big Move to weekly catalogues that cost and weighed a ton. Yup, those were the days.

Today, anyone over the age of 2 either owns their own cell phone or knows how to use one.  In addition, the wireless & paperless world continues to change so much of what we all do, and how we do it.  In real estate we are at constant risk of being over-run by those that can social market like crazy but know very little about the actual ‘dirt, space & improvements’ that make up real estate, not to mention the many complexities that surround any particular parcel specific to your own real estate need. We see it daily.

In our desire to stay current & connected to our Clients, we’ve just kicked off a new website at, which includes some pretty trendy interactive property search features!  In addition you can find us on Facebook at Neufeld Real Estate.  So if you find us there and give us a ‘Like’ we’ll enter your name into a CONTEST DRAW for a $100 Keg Gift Card.  ALSO, if you’re a past Client and leave a review, we’ll enter your name again!  I know, right?  Small effort on your part, big, BIG opportunity!  Thanks for checking us out on Facebook!  We look forward to that being an avenue for more engagement & interaction with our clients!

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Here’s to Spring 2018!!

-Art & Nathan